What is it about?

Well about me, Martijn Casteel, as easy as that!

A lone writer, writing about some thrilling encounters mainly in IT. First exciting point to elaborate; Who am I? Quoted from a strange movie with Jackie Chan. Well I'm not that old (yet) and I do like programming.

I'm an IT guy, I've studied Computer Science and Technical Artificial Intelligence. The latter is quite long and I have to explain it every time, so the short version is I'm building Jarvis.

I like watching movies among many other hobbies you may, or may not, find out reading my blog!

Chat over websockets

24 November 2017 Hello there!

A new small project, something to play around with. A chat application that allows people to chat on my webpages using websockets.

  • martijn Hello! First of all welcome to my blog, this is a chat window you can use to chat with anybody.

    Due notice that the chat is not private so anybody can read your messages! For any questions contact me at
martijn is typing…

This small project is made using NodeJS, I tried NodeJS before but I didn’t like it that much. However for websockets I think it’s the tool to use. For the application I used which helps a lot; creating a connection, trying to reconnect, and sending messages to the connected sockets.

Pulling the cord

16 August 2017 Being lean

A few weeks ago I had a course called Yellow belt, a basic introduction of lean. There are a few belts, next one I’m planning is the green belt. Something like judo, without being physical you need to find a way to improve a process. Any process can be improved, using a few methods you can find improvements. Ask why five times and find the true underlying problem.

Some fun thing remained with me; the Toyota Production System is long line where every part is there just-in-time. When a part is not or someone is not keeping up there is a yellow cord. This yellow cord stops the entire production line and let co-workers no where the problem is, giving them the possibility to help where possible. At my own work, everybody is usually doing their own stuff although still communicating with each other. However when a production problem occurs most of them are not aware, to make it more clear I had a little project.


Using a emergency stop button, a rotating beacon and a cable I created an alarm to notify my co-workers when there is a problem. Adding some magnetic tape we can put it on every cabinet or metal wall at my work. And when something is going on in the production environment we can smack the button and everybody could find a way to help.